BSA Crew/Ship #4385

BSA “Super-Sea-Crew” 4385 !

Why “Super-Sea-Crew” you may ask? Crew 4385 has grown from 5 Venturers in 2013 to over 25 Venturers and now Sea Scouts that come from THREE different BSA Councils to Scout together as Crew/Ship 4385! Crew/Ship 4385 is a VERY ACTIVE Venturing Crew and Sea Scout Ship that provides activity for each Scout to be as involved as he/she would like to be. This, of course, benefits Scouts (and families) that are often very busy supporting the typical “High School Life” (and/or College Life) these days. (Venturing and Sea Scouting are for female or male youth who are 14 years old (or 13 and out of eighth grade) through age 21.) Venturing Crew / Sea Scout Ship 4385 does not "LIMIT" itself to a specialty but rather specializes in ALL THINGS that are Adventure, Leadership, Personal Growth, and Service (ALPS) as well as the excellent opportunities that Sea Scouting has to offer. We may not be out Scouting every week but when we are out Scouting, we are having a BLAST! Click on "About Crew/Ship 4385” on the left side of the page for more details . . . 

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